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Paul is very proud to announce that his work can now be seen in fall print on the walls of Haddon Galleries. After one of Paul's clients Mr. Paul Haddon attending a workshop with us  he offered Paul the chance to join in with a brand new project and venture that Mr. Haddon had in mind.

Paul now has a set of limited edition signed prints on sale, these are on show in Haddon Galleries and can be viewed vie the website where you will be able to see the Photos on display and be able to order direct from the website.  If you have any questions about the images on display please fill out the contact form below and Paul will respond personally.

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Paul's 2021 Calendar will showcase 12 images hand picked from the last 12 months photography as seen in his YouTube videos. Pre-orders will be signed by Mrs C (Denise) and Paul himself with free shipping worldwide. *Pre-order ends October 2020 Calendars will then no longer be signed and postage cost may apply. 

Paul's 2020 calendar was a great success thanks to everyone who purchased a copy, his is very grateful for your support.


The calendars are a premium quality 310mm x 400mm format printed on 200gsm silk art paper, 450gsm laminated front and back covers, with a full length wall hanger.

The calendars are produced at our local high street printer Johnsons Printers of Nantwich. For over 190 years Johnsons Printers in Cheshire has embraced technology to consistently deliver high quality printing also being one of the oldest printers in the UK.

There is also a small photo each month from Mrs C (Denise Compton) she is a big part of Paul's photography life and adventures.  The Calendar includes all Exif Data, Locations, and a small note to give the  story behind each photo so you get more than just the images.

Our 2021 calendar was a great success, Thank you all for your support.

Preparation for 2022 will start again in July

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Sold Out

Paul is pleased to  be releasing his limited set of prints in 2021, He is just finalising the print detail and these will follow soon. The twelve print bellow will be limited to 25 these will be numbers and signed as so. 
If you have any questions about buying prints in the mean time please to contact us and Paul will responded personal. 
Price, sizes and paper details will be added soon! Thank you for your patience. 



Tarn Hows, reflections, trees, mountains, clouds



Tarn Hows, reflections, trees, mountains, clouds, Tarn Hows Sunrise





Tarn Hows, reflections, trees, mountains, clouds, lake district, Cumbria, Rydal Water
Tarn Hows, reflections, trees, mountains, clouds, lake district, Cumbria, Coniston water, barn,



, reflections, trees, mountains, clouds,north wales, snowdonia, snowdon, tryfan, ogwen valley
, reflections, trees, mountains, clouds, scotland, fairy pool, waterfall, long exposure, isle of skye







wales, north wales, castle, heritage, sunrise, dinas
reflections, trees, mountains, clouds, lone tree, sunrise, mist, wales, north wales, snowdonia, snowdon, llanberis, llyn padarn





reflections, trees, mountains, clouds, south wales, three cliffs bay, seaside, beach, sunset, sun star, pano, panorama
reflections, trees, mountains, clouds, , scotland, castel, kichurn castle, snow, highlands





reflections, trees, mountains, clouds, scotland, outer hebridies, harris, lewis, sunset, sun, shodows, warm,
reflections, trees, mountains, clouds, , scotland, highlands, castle, heratage, snow, yellow, loch, elean