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Sharon Barlow

Fantastic workshop

Just completed a workshop with Paul accompanied by Denise. Due to my disability we were restricted to where we could go and Paul carefully planned accessible places.

The workshop was structured around my needs and capabilities and I woukd highly recommend anyone, whatever ability consider booking a workshop. Paul is exactly as he is on his vlogs. I felt very comfortable and they were both warm and welcoming. It was like being out with friends but actually learning new skills too.
This an experience with every penny.

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Linda Harvey

Keynsham Photographic Society, nr Bristol

Paul came to our club, the Keynsham ps, Bristol, to show our members the wide range of his photographic work via Zoom. I booked Paul because 1] I noticed that he gave a talk to Kilmarnock pc and 2] I have enjoyed watching Paul's You Tube vlogs over the past year and really loving the quality of his work. I got the impression that Paul was surprised at being asked to do a Zoom lecture for us. Well, I have to say, what a real treat the evening was. After watching the vlogs you tend to think that Paul only does landscapes but far from it. He obviously loves his photography, takes a range of other subjects, Goths at Whitby, models, bikes, quite a diverse set of subjects. He is very chatty and will answer questions willingly.
I would recommend Paul as a guest speaker. Book him for your club and give your members a treat. Oh, and make sure you watch his vlogs on You Tube. You won't be disappointed. He certainly inspires my husband with his landscapes. By the way, he allows Denise to sit in on his talks as well! Take care, both. Best wishes. Linda Harvey.

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Paul Kelly

Kilmarnock Photographic Club

KPC invited Paul to be a guest speaker at our club via zoom, i believe that this was Paul's 1st zoom presentation, but, too listen to him you would think he was a seasoned pro.
He came across as a person who loved to talk about, and explain his thoughts on photography, what he see's and how he positions his shots.

He is very down to earth and will answer any question that you may have.
His photography is top notch and I would recommend any club to have him as a guest speaker.
We were so impressed with him and his work that we have rebooked him for 21/22 season.
Kilmarnock Photography Club voted Paul as there top guest speaker for 20/21 season.
Paul has all the attributes of a top photographer and has a very bright future in photography.

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Mark Hollinshead

Christmas giveaway

I would like to thank Denise and Paul Compton and for their kindness towards my daughter Lucy Fay who has psyratic arthritis and is getting in to photography like myself, we share our equipment, however Lucy Fay Hollinshead struggle's with the clips on our tripod, so after seeing pauls video for the Christmas giveaway we entered, after watching the winners video a few weeks later, which Denise and Paul drew fairly so everyone had a fair chance of winning, unfortunately we didn't win, however Paul and Denise found another Tripod out that they kindly gave to my daughter Lucy and myself, we are overwhelmed with their kindness.
What lovely kind people Paul and Denise are. Pure diamonds.

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Josh Rigg

Great photographer, great giveaway

Paul is an absolute inspiration, he is a great photographer and love his YouTube videos. I recently won on his Christmas giveaway, that is great for a channel with 5k, great communications all the way through the process and all arrived in one piece.

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Wilson's from Canada

Best U Tube site

We have enjoyed the hobby of photography together for years. We came upon your U Tube channel awhile ago. It is our favorite channel and has motivated us to also get into using a Go Pro. We find your hints and tips offer valuable advise. We enjoy the times Mrs C also goes out.
We live in Canada and now look for Paul Compton trees to shoot when we are hiking. Your expertise has allowed us to look at trees in a whole new way. Keep up the good advise.

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Owen Childs

one-on-one workshops

I have done two one-on-one workshops with Paul over the last few months (when not in Lockdown!) and have really enjoyed them both. The first workshop was based around my goal of understanding how to bracket images and focus stacking. We got some great images from Padley Gorge and I learnt these new techniques with the help of Paul's patient and simple explanations.
My second workshop was based in Yorkshire and was centred around improving those skills as well as getting to grips with my new camera set up which closely matches Paul's. He spent a long time going through suggested set-ups with me (whilst it was tipping it down outside) and then working with me on compositions in the field.
Paul is a friendly and helpful teacher and always tailors his courses to the needs of his student. He works really hard to explain things in a clear and simple way without any waffle to ensure I come away with some great shots and an improved skillset.
He has even offered to help me with some of my post workflow!
If you are looking for expert advice from a genuinely nice guy who really knows his stuff, along with knowledge of all sorts of great shooting locations, then Paul is your man!

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Glenn Booth

Great Fun!

I've been out with Paul a couple of times now, and on both occasions I learned loads and had great fun. On top of that, I've come away with some of my best images and met some great people. Recommended.

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Nigel Freestone

Good times

I've met with Paul and Denise on both LVA group meets and on a workshop. Always good fun, good company and good locations. My photography has improved and taken on a greater part of my life. I can certainly recommend it!

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Linda short

Dinorwic quarry wales

Had a fantastic workshop with paul he took us up different levels at the abandoned quarry .taught me to do panoramas ,learnt a bit more about composition, and set my camera up showed us some amazing old machinery, paul was great very helpful and above all very friendly hope to do another workshop soon