Starting to take enquiries after the total lockdown, i hope to be able to set up a 3 day residential photography workshop/course in Stunning

Snowdonia-North Wales soon as its safe to do so.

3 day’s residential photo adventure Dawn to Dusk

The Snowdonia National Park is a beautiful location for photographers.

Jason and I will take you to locations at the best time of day; We will help you look and  find the most engaging composition to best help your photos in each location.

The focus of this workshop/course is on taking photographs, including dawn and sunset shots.  I will work with you at your own pace, keeping it simple and helping you  get  more from your photography to help you use your own composition skills. 

We will try to find the opportunity to discuss your best photo from of the day in a relaxed fun and friendly critique sessions.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to build your own portfolio whilst learning new techniques and confidence in the field (max  6 photographers  per course).

What's included?

The following is included while you are on the workshop:

  • 3 Nights lodging in a spacious self-catering chapel in Llanberis. (Self-catering holiday home you may be sharing a room with other same sex clients (please contact me if this is not appropriate) (Details will be posted as soon as i can confirm bookings)

  • A basic cooked breakfast, or cold if required. (Self-Catering options)

  • All travel throughout the duration of the course

  • A sunrise, sunset with other locations during each day

  • Helpful instruction by myself and or partner photographer (if a joint workshop) while in the field, including on the spot critiques and advice. Compositions and Camera setting.

  • Personal light hearted evening chat about processing and photography in general, bring your laptop for help with Basic Lightroom or Photoshop Techniques.

Cost (3 day workshop/course)

£ 450 per photographer (see 'What's included' & 'What's not included', below).

MAX 6 clients per group

A £100 deposit* is due at time of booking, this will cover the accommodation booking. Deposit is none refundable, unless otherwise stated.   

Non-photography partners are welcome to join us, but please arranged with me prior to booking, (dependent on property) Accommodation double occupancy will apply TBA

Personal use of a campervans or motor home is fine, and we can come to some arrangement on adjusting accommodation charge.

What’s not included?

The following is not included but we are happy to advise you on options, where appropriate:

  • Travel to the hotel - I can provide advice on the options available – please ask.

  • Meals/drinks - Lunch/drinks are up to you – There could be a stop at a cafe for a break at lunchtime!

  • Dinner. There are lots of great places to eat in Llanberis and the local area. You are welcome to do your own thing at the end of the day's shooting, but you are always welcome to join us at dinner! (I tend to use any self-catering options when i can)

  • Insurances for you and your kit. Please make sure you have some cover before you come, I hold no responsibility for any gear lost or broken while on the workshops. This include Public Liability Insurance.



Sunrise is at around *(dependant on dates) each morning.

Your day will begin at around *06:15 as we leave the accommodation for the sunrise shoot.

Locations will vary depending on the weather & light.

We will more likely head back after shooting for breakfast, and a chat about the day ahead.

(*subject to change)


The period between the sunrise and sunset shoots will give us opportunity to explore the area and take more photos throughout the day, this will also give me chance to see where you are at and if you need help from me.


Sunset is at around *(Dependent on dates) each day.

We will aim to be at our chosen location an hour or so before sunset to allow us to work through the compositional process before waiting for the light and taking that perfect image.

Your shooting day will end after sunset, and then we will head back to look at processing and image critique, and Dinner.

(*subject to change)


If you wish to have your shots critiqued in the evening, please bring your images either on a USB stick, or your ipad/laptop (there is no need to bring your own laptop unless you want to process images as you go). The photo can be straight from your camera or one that you have processed. We limit the critique sessions to two or three shots per day, per Photographer, to ensure that the discussions are useful.

I am more than happy to give some help and advice on processing, subject to time. (bring your own laptop)

Cancellation & Insurances

  • All deposits* are non-refundable

  • We do not offer cancellation refunds. Please take out adequate insurance to cover cancellations due to ill health, jury service etc.

Insurances and refunds:

  • YOU are responsible for your own insurances. This needs to cover you and your kit for things such as emergency illness whilst away, theft or loss of your kit, inability to travel due to illness etc. Should you not be able to travel at the time of the workshop you will need to claim on your own insurance. We will provide you with an invoice and covering letter confirming you did not attend. There is NO refund should you cancel after paying your deposits and balance. This is why you need your own insurances in place.

  • WE do not at present have EVENT INSURANCE in place to cover you or your belongings. 

  • We do NOT cancel for such things as rainy weather, overcast weather etc. In these cases the course goes ahead, just like a normal booked holiday would. You still need your OWN insurances in place to cover you and your kit (policies can cost as little as £9 for £5000 cover). You may already have such insurances in place, with your bank for example, but please check the policies cover you in case of illness or theft of kit either abroad or at home.

  • We run our workshops on a personal basis and normally provides all tuition in a friendly manner. However, We reserve the right to replace instructors in the event of illness, emergency or death.


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